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The guy was pressing his T-shirt and at the same time his mobile rings. We have seen so many funny mobile video clips in our daily routine life but this type of free funny mobile videos are very rare on social media and other platforms. The young guy was very busy and having a full concentration to press his T-shirt from hot iron, and at the same time his mobile rings. When he rapidly picked up his mobile phone, which was next to the iron. It's in his mind that he has picked up his mobile although he picked up the iron because of the full concentration while ironing. He put the iron on his ear instead of his cell phone.

He feels it is very hot and when he saw that was not mobile in his hand it is an iron he put his hand on ear because it was burned and paining badly. He again try to see on his cell phone that who exactly was calling him, so he can blame the caller that he is the actual reason of this burning ear pain. This format of wmv funny videos can be downloaded easily. Its worth to watch this video because it's a funny mobile video clip as well as we can say it as painful video clip.

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